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Welcome to my web page. My name is Deeksha Maurya. I’m a fashion and beauty enthusiast,a student and a tea lover. This is my blog where I will share my fashion look books and every trend that is In. 

The goal of this blog is to share current fashion trends , a garment or accessory, street fashion, or something that I have seen on telivison or magazine. Also I would like to share a few fashion tips and the ways to play with the dresses kept in your closet.

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Story time! 

I have started this blog as a hobby. My college is going to end soon. So I started this blog and literally I never want to stop. If I know I can’t do something well, I don’t do it. So, If it’s something I want to do, I throw myself into it until I feel some sense of self satisfaction. That’s what I want to do with writing this blog because It has always been my hobby to pen down the things. 

So today I was  sitting in my hostel room  I was wondering something that hit me hard.

I thought to write it down. And  I am just sick of listening people throwing criticism towards the people who are taking initiative to do something. It takes nothing to give someone a pat on the back,some suggestions or to just not say anything and not doing anything at all. But people are continuously throwing unnecessary comments for others.I don’t understand that why people become so judgmental and start comparing. When it comes to me my most of days are pretty dull and  I’m totally a normal girl who sits in pyjamas with hair in a top knot but frankly speaking that on my Instagram I just don’t want to post a picture of me in pyjamas and hair tied in a bun because it’s My Feed and I can shape it into whatever I like. My Instagram is a selection of best moments. It’s not fake or false. I do love to click myself at my best. I’m still a normal college going girl who has their bad hair days and loves to lay down in an over sized t-shirt  just with a passion for creativity ,and writing. Do people not have the Right to lead the positive life they would like to, if it’s not hurting anyone else? 

When it comes to blogging industry, some people have worked their butts off to achieve success and now they are at top. There are many friends of mine and acquaintances who are already appreciating me for the initiative that I have taken to continue my passion. We need to support and encourage girls more. Women supporting women, wouldn’t that be wonderful? So,Support the people who are doing something or taking initiative for good. I’m inspired by so many bloggers whose content is so much amazing and Watching someone else doing good doesn’t make me feel small. It just inspire me to do good and achieve something like that. 

My point is this Work hard, do your thing and don’t let anyone bring you down. Because if they are doing so , they are below you. They will simply achieve  NOTHING in doing that. So, Be who you want to be.                          Pretty on Instagram, crazy on snapchat,roam around the market in an over size t-shirt,not caring about your looks on some days and dress like a hot chick on another day. Push the boundaries that have been built around you. Let’s get supportive guys ????


Embroidery patches on your clothes is so much in trend these days,it gives you a look that truly sets you apart from the crowd. You probably remember this trend from the 90s and it’s a fun and fashionable way to get nostalgic and relive your childhood. Patches are a quirky addition to any outfit which enable you to express your personality via your clothing. But it’s also important not to go over the top with this trend – keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid clashes.

I’m wearing military green top pairing with a black trouser. What I loved the most about this top is the sleeve length. It is giving a unique  look to the teeshirt.Also it has got collared neck that is simply amazing. And lastly the patch work done on this top is pretty much cool 😎 You can purchase this tee from 

So here we go ,

Side patch is just so cool 😎

Sleeve patch




Phulkari is the traditional embroidery of Punjab.  Phulkari is basically created on shawls and dupattas .
So I recently got a gorgeous yellow phulkari dupatta and completely fell in love with it. You can check out the pictures below and see how I styled it. The mint yellow dupatta has gorgeous embroidery all over it,  I am loving the intricate and fabulous flowery embroidery on the dupatta and the length is just perfect. I styled the dupatta with a black kurta and a black piece of leggings , a pair of brown mojari and have kept simple makeup with bold lips. 


Deeksha ❤️


Shopping is fun in Lucknow.I am listing the Top 5 Shopping Markets in Lucknow.So, whether you are a Lucknowite or a Tourist, a shopoholic or a usual shopper you can enjoy shopping at these Shopping Markets in Lucknow. 

It is one of the most visited market in Lucknow.It has wide range of chikankari shops both for men and women, also you can lay your hand over various fashion accessories ,bags, leather belts, shoes,mobile accessories etc. 

This market is located in Indira Nagar.This is one of the  most visited shopping sreet for youngsters. It offers many shopping stuffs like western wear clothes ,jewellery , footwears , bags , cosmetics. Clothes is what has made this market extremely popular.I really recommend this market if you like exploring street markets, you will love the sheer variety of clothes that you can buy for amazing prices. 

3- PATRAKAAR PURAM MARKET- It is one of the famous shopping destination where you can get variety of shops selling Ethnic clothes, western clothes, accessories, footwears etc. The best thing is that you can bargain and get things for the suitable prices. 

4- LOVE LANE- I have already written a blog about this amazingly amazing and the most visited market of Lucknow. It is located in Hazratganj.This place is the major attraction among the youngsters as you can get endless variety of fashionable garments as well as branded clothes( exporting rejected) at extremely cheap prices. 


The major attraction of this place is chikankari garments. It is among one the oldest markets of Lucknow. You can lay your hands over Chikan sarees,Chikan kurtas,embroidered sarees,footwears. A special attraction is Thursday footpath market. 



So, summers are here. 

Everyone is wearing double denims this season. Twice denim is so much in trend if you’re not convinced then have a look at these fashion divas. 

Gigi hadid is wearing double denim and no doubt she is slaying. 

Gwen Stefanie is so cool. She can get away with about anything. 

And now here are some pictures of mine wearing double denim. 

So , do you still have doubt about slaying this summers in double denims ? 

Go and Rock denim this season. 



How to shop in Love Lane (Lucknow)

Hey guys! 

So today I’m gonna be giving you some tips and tricks how to shop in “love lane”. Love lane a very famous street market in Lucknow. It is located in Hazratganj. The best part is that you could buy the branded clothes at very very cheap price over here. Brands like Zara,Mango,Levi’s could be purchased at low prices because they are rejected exporting stuff.

I have been going to love lane for 6 to 7 times now I guess so I have become sort of a pro at shopping in love lane. So I thought to share my experience and give you some very useful tips to buy fashion at love lane. 

So here we go,


When you’re shopping you need to have a keen eye to look at the tiny defects if they have any because in that huge bunch of clothes you’re just digging and take out clothes without even knowing. Once you come back home and you realise oh my Gawwdd that dress is defected.  These clothes are branded but they have really tiny defects.So be careful about this thing. 


Most importantly if you are liking something don’t show your interest. Just ask normally about the price of that garment because if you will show your interest then definitely the shopkeeper is going to price high for that product.


 what you have to do is to stick to your price and your words when you’re BARGAINING so you could the stuff at the right price. If the shopkeeper says no ma’am I can’t give you this product at 200 rupees then keep moving. Don’t ever look back and he is definitely gonna call you.

What if he doesn’t call you ? Go off ! Move on to the next shop. There’s a lot of same products in different shops. Go and explore each and every shop of it. 


Never ever carry more than rupees 2,000 in love lane market because there’s a lot of stuff in love lane and you’re gonna spend every single buck there. The market is full of beautiful piece of clothing. You can also get bags , footwears and fashion accessories for yourself over there which is no doubt very tempting. So carry less cash and do not waste money on buying useless things. 


One of the major attention seeking shop at love lane where you can get a huge huge range of scarfs and stoles. You name the design and print and you have it. This shop is worth visiting. There’s a lot of variety that you could get over there. 

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